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N/A A Commentary A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $0.020

Markets.  As a value investor, he is finding some opportunities. This market is in a great deal of turmoil. We not only had worries about Greece leaving the union, but still have yet to face some of the larger problems that are about to come up in Europe with other countries that are also in a lot of debt. Also, we still have the worries about slowing in China, which is going to affect commodity prices. This has all come to bear on the Canadian market quite a bit. On top of that there is the collapse of oil prices. It is in this kind of environment that value investors have really got to start sniffing around over the next business cycle to find good quality companies with good balance sheets that they can buy today. It would be companies that will not only prosper over the next cycle, but able to take advantage of opportunities that may arise in this environment. He is beginning to see a little bit of that in the oil/gas sector. We could be in a malaise for quite a while. There really hasn’t been a technical correction yet. It wouldn’t surprise him to see us test more lows over the next couple of months. People who have reserved cash will have some real opportunities. As a value investor, you have to really look at the balance sheets.

COMMENT A Commentary A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $0.020

Crude oil. Within the economy, the energy sector is approximately 10% of GDP. Over the next cycle, we are going to see an improvement in the conditions within the energy sector, but he doesn’t know how long it remains in the current malaise. Doesn’t know where the bottom price of oil is going to be, so look for those companies that have fairly strong balance sheets and that could potentially take advantage of their weaker competitors.

Michael Sprung CANADIAN LARGE UNKNOWN Unknown View
HOLD A Commentary A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $0.020

Canadian Banks?  He owns a basket of these. His primary holdings are Royal Bank (RY-T), Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS-T) and CIBC (CM-T). Thinks the banks are in a fairly good position. Multiples have come off quite a bit. Bank dividends are safe, and he would expect that over the next cycle there will be dividend increases.

N/A A Commentary A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $0.020

Markets. Taking out his cash and short positions, he is sitting at about 75% Long, with some Put options as well. Has seen probability of a negative event occurring in the next few months and is building up a shopping list of names that he would like to buy. Companies that have reasonable valuation and doing a lot of their business outside of Canada is a theme that has been working exceptionally well for him. This separates a lot of Canadian portfolio managers from smaller, nimble funds like his, which is able to dabble in those sorts of names. His Buy list is in stocks that are trading near 52 week highs, but he just wants to buy at more attractive valuations.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN _N/A View
DON'T BUY ABX-T Barrick Gold Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $9.380

This is a bit more speculative than it is an investment; it has a very high risk/reward return profile. If the price of gold starts to go up at all, this will certainly prosper from some operating leverage. Right now they are in the position of having a lot of debt and having to dispose of some assets. There are more secure companies to hold in gold than this one.

TOP PICK AGT-T AGT Food & Ingredients Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $30.640

The seem to be in the right place at the right time with more and more of the world turning to other forms of grain/pulses, as a substitution on gluten ingredients. Next year is the year of the pulse, which will give them a lot more attention. They have been expanding their food ingredients side. This is one of the dominant players in pulses globally. Dividend yield of 2.01%.

COMMENT AHF-T Aston Hill Financial Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $0.450

There is nothing wrong with their funds or the way the company is being managed, there is just a lot of negative press all at once. Lost a big IA sub-advisory deal, which was a ton of assets. Even though it was well televised that it was going to happen, the market still seemed to be spooked by it. They cut their dividend which was probably a good thing. Pretty cheap at these levels and he wouldn’t be worried about it if he were holding it. It is going to take a few quarters, even 12 months, for them to get back on track again and get the company going.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN No View
COMMENT AYA-T Amaya Gaming Group Inc. Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $31.620

There is a lot of controversy. When you have these sorts of stories that have a lot of negative news bouncing around, and you don’t know what the answer is, it would be a worry. The valuation is not compelling enough for him to get involved.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN No View
BUY on WEAKNESS BAM.A-T Brookfield Asset Management (A) Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $45.320

This is worth a bit of a premium. A very well managed company. Have very effectively raised money time and time again to deploy in large infrastructure projects. Has a small position. If the price were to come off another 5%-10%, he would be buying more.

DON'T BUY BBD.B-T Bombardier Inc (B) Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $1.950

There are a lot of issues that are sucking a lot of cash out of the business. They have $9 billion of debt on their balance sheet, and now they have to do something about it. Had to issue a bunch of equity at $2.25. A lot of selling pressure on the name.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN No View
PAST TOP PICK CAE-T CAE Inc Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $14.770

(A Top Pick July 28/14. Up 6.7%.) This was a Top Pick again for him recently. They recently announced they were selling their mining business, a very small part of their business. He thinks they are going to stick with the avionics and health care side of the business for the time being. Has always been an extremely well-managed company and is very well positioned in the aeronautical industry. As economies globally, they’re going to be more airlines and more pilots needing training. They will also benefit from any increase in military spending.

PARTIAL SELL CCL.B-T CCL Industries (B) Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $165.400

A very well-managed company. When he looks at the current price and the multiples on it, it wouldn’t hurt to take some profits, perhaps 50%.

COMMENT CFW-T Calfrac Well Services Ltd Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $6.350

These are great names to get leverage to the oil space, but the first names you have to be out of when you see a crack in energy. The fracers, servicers and drillers get hit first. In his opinion, we are not at the bottom of oil yet.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN No View
TOP PICK CLR-T Clearwater Seafoods Inc. Market Call Tonight (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $11.300

Currently trading at a pretty low valuation based on 1st quarter earnings, which were quite poor, and 2nd quarter earnings which are not expected to be great. This is a seasonal business where the 2nd half is usually much stronger. Raised a bunch of money recently at about $12.25. They have been talking a big game about making acquisitions and looking at assets. This is the sort of business where you if you can buy some quotas and consolidate the industry a little, there are a lot of synergies that can happen. Dividend yield of 1.42%.

James Telfser CANADIAN UNKNOWN Yes View
COMMENT CPG-T Crescent Point Energy Corp Market Call (BNN TV) 2015-07-29 $19.420

Has always been a very well-managed company. For many years, although they didn’t earn it, it was largely supported by the DRIP program. As production and cash flow grew, they were able to cover that. They have run a very effective hedging program. Have 58% of their output hedged at around $88, and 2016 production hedged at around $83. Regarding cash flow, although numbers have come off considerably in the last while, he is still seeing forecasts for the next 2 years of about $4, which allows them to maintain that dividend. Have a lot of very good properties and a lot of potential properties to drill extensively over the next number of years.

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