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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

Table View - Experts in Detail

Formal Name (Display Name) Last Name Title Company Address City Prov. Postal Contact Info Biography Specialty Comments Actions
Bruce Hartman
Hartman Portfolio Manager Blackmont Capital Income Trusts View
Bruce Murray
(Bruce Murray)
Murray CIO & Head of Research The Murray Wealth Group View
Bruce Sellery
Sellery Business Editor Market Call View
Bruce Tatters
(Bruce Tatters)
Tatters Founding Partner and CIO Triumph Asset Management View
C. Kim Goodwin
Goodwin Chief Investment Officer State Street Research View
Cameron Hurst
(Cameron Hurst)
Hurst Chief Portfolio Manager Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management View
Cameron Webster
Webster Managing Partner Sandstone Asset Management Dividend growth and Garp View
Charles Bobrinskoy
Bobrinskoy Director of Research Ariel Mutual Funds Visit Website US Equities View
Charles Dillingham
Dillingham Vice President and Portfolio Manager Morguard Financial real estate & REIT's View
Charles Edwardes-Ker
Edwardes-Ker TD View
Charles Lannon
Lannon Director of Research Toron Investment Management View
Charles Maxwell
Maxwell Senior Energy Analyst Weeden & Co. View
Charles Oliver, HBSc CFA
Oliver Senior Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management Inc. Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower Toronto ON M5J 2J1 Phone: 416 362 7172
Toll Free: 888 362 7172
Chris Ceraso
Ceraso Senior US Auto Analyst Credit Suisse First Boston Automotive View
Chris Fernyc
Fernyc Portfolio Manager Bissett Investment small caps View
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