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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
AAE-X (Dead) AAER Inc. N electrical/electronic $0.015 2010-08-20 View
AAH-T (Dead) Aastra Technologies N Telecommunications

Repackage and sell cable/telecom older technologies

Acquired by Mitel (Feb 2014)

$41.940 2014-02-05 View
AAK-T (Dead) Arawak Energy Ltd. N oil/gas Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan $0.980 2009-04-18 View
AAL-Q American Airlines Group Y 0 $38.630 2015-10-04 View
AAPL-Q Apple Y electrical/electronic PC Mnfctr $110.380 2015-10-04 View
AAR.UN-T Pure Industrial Real Estatetrust Trust Y property mngmnt/investment $4.500 2015-10-04 View
AAUKY.PK (OTC) Anglo American PLC N precious metals $16.120 2009-08-01 View
AAV-T Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd Y oil/gas mainly gas $7.430 2015-10-04 View
AB-N AllianceBernstein Holding LP Y investment companies/funds An institutional money manager. $25.900 2015-10-04 View
ABB-N ABB Ltd. Y electrical/electronic Power line, transformer manufacturer $17.870 2015-10-04 View
ABBV-N AbbVie Inc. Y 0 $55.820 2015-10-04 View
ABC-N Amerisourcebergen Corp Y wholesale distributors distributor of pharmaceutical products and services $94.910 2015-10-04 View
ABC-T (Dead) Asia Bio-Chem Group N food processing

Not Listed (March 2014)

$0.035 2014-03-27 View
ABE-X Abitex Resources Inc. Y metal mines $0.030 2015-10-04 View
ABEV-N Ambev S.A. Y breweries/beverages $5.090 2015-10-04 View
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