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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TALK-Q Talk America Holdings Inc. N telephone utilities $8.100 2006-12-15 View
TALX-Q TALX Corp. N computer software/processing $35.450 2007-05-23 View
TAO-N Guggenheim China Real Estate E.T.F. Y E.T.F.'s $16.112 2016-02-10 View
TAO-T Tag Oil Ltd. Y oil/gas $0.530 2016-02-10 View
TAP-N Molson Coors Brewing Company Y breweries/beverages $83.870 2016-02-10 View
TARO-Q Taro Pharmaceuticals Inds N biotechnology/pharmaceutical $10.600 2006-12-13 View
TASR-Q Taser International Inc Y misc industrial products Makes stun guns $15.370 2016-02-10 View
TAXI-Q Medallion Financial Y finance/leasing taxi and small business loans. $6.410 2016-02-10 View
TAY.UN-T Taylor NGL LP Fund N investment companies/funds $11.090 2008-01-22 View
TBE-T Twin Butte Energy Y oil/gas $0.070 2016-02-10 View
TBF-N ProSh Short 20+Yr Treas ETF Y E.T.F.'s $22.550 2016-02-10 View
TBL-N (Dead) Timberland Co. CL A N misc consumer products acquired by VF Corp $42.990 2011-09-14 View
TBL-T Taiga Building Products Ltd. Y wholesale distributors $0.770 2016-02-10 View
TBR-T Tiberon Minerals Ltd. N precious metals tungsten mine in Vietnam $3.640 2007-04-06 View
TBT-N ProShare Ultra Short 20+ yr Treasury ETF Y E.T.F.'s Bonds $36.600 2016-02-10 View
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