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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
SGA-T Australian Solomons Gold N precious metals $0.260 2010-02-02 View
SGB-T Stratos Global N mngmnt/diversified Resells satellite capacity in the telecom sector. $7.000 2007-12-14 View
SGC-X (Dead) Sunridge Gold N precious metals

Disolved May 2016

$0.370 2016-05-13 View
SGF-T Shore Gold Inc. Y precious metals $0.170 2017-09-19 View
SGH-X Standard Graphite Y Mining $0.170 2017-09-19 View
SGI-N Silicon Graphics N computer software/processing graphics solutions $0.460 2005-11-07 View
SGL-T (Delisted Spyglass Resources Corp N oil/gas $0.050 2016-01-05 View
SGL-T(Dead) Scandinavian Minerals N metal mines


$0.000 0000-00-00 View
SGMS-Q Scientific Games Corp Y computer software/processing Involved in the lottery business. $43.100 2017-09-19 View
SGN-X Scorpio Gold Corp. Y precious metals $0.050 2017-09-19 View
SGP-N Schering Plough Corp N biotechnology/pharmaceutical $28.150 2009-11-12 View
SGR.H-X (Delist San Gold Corporation N precious metals

Moved to the Vancouver Exchange (March 2015)

$0.005 2016-02-25 View
SGRP-Q SPAR GROUP Y other services supplier of in-store merchandising and marketing services, and premium incentive marketing services throughout the United States and Canada. $1.080 2017-09-19 View
SGSN-VX SGS SA N 0 Swiss exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
SGU-N Star Gas Partners LP Y Unknown Distributes home heating oil and propane to customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic $10.870 2017-09-19 View
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