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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TER-N Teradyne Inc Y electrical/electronic $18.020 2015-08-30 View
TER-T Terasen N gas utilities formerly BC Gas $35.380 2005-12-08 View
TERP-Q2 TerraForm Power Y Utilities $0.000 2015-08-30 View
TESCO-LSE Tesco PLC N food stores

(London Stock Exchange)


$0.010 0000-00-00 View
test test Y 0 $0.200 0000-00-00 View
TET-T Trilogy Energy Corp Y oil/gas $4.720 2015-08-30 View
TEU-T Canadian Pacific Ships N Transportation Spinoff from CP $24.960 2005-12-29 View
TEVA-N Teva Pharmaceutical Y biotechnology/pharmaceutical Patented and lower price generic drugs $65.030 2015-08-30 View
TF.UN-T Teranet Income Fund N Financial Services $10.240 2008-11-22 View
TFA.A-X (Dead) Trafina Energy N oil/gas Liquidated $0.005 2012-07-16 View
TFI-T TransForce Inc. Y Transportation $23.110 2015-08-30 View
TFL-T Trafalger Energy Ltd. N oil/gas $1.010 2009-08-07 View
TFOBF-Q2 Telefonica De Argentina S.A. N telephone utilities $1.800 2010-06-24 View
TFR.UN-T Lakeport Brewing Income Fund N breweries/beverages $28.000 2007-04-06 View
TFX-N Teleflex Inc. Y electrical/electronic Engineering conglomerate in aerospace/marine/medical devices $132.490 2015-08-30 View
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