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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
SLR-N Solectron Corp N electrical/electronic $3.870 2007-10-08 View
SLV-N iShares Silver ETF Y E.T.F.'s $17.020 2017-04-21 View
SLV.H-X (Unlist Stealth Ventures Ltd N gas utilities $0.010 2016-03-24 View
SLVP-N iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF Y E.T.F.'s $11.600 2017-04-21 View
SLW-T Silver Wheaton Y metal mines $28.490 2017-04-21 View
SLX-N Markst Vectors Steel Index E.T.F. Y E.T.F.'s $37.840 2017-04-21 View
SLY-T (Dead) SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap E.T.F. N N/A $0.000 0000-00-00 View
SM-N SM Energy Company Y Oil and Gas (Integrated Oils)

SM Energy Company, formerly known as St. Mary Land & Exploration Company, is an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development, acquisition, and production of natural gas and crude oil.

$21.510 2017-04-21 View
SM-T Seamark Asset Managemnet N investment companies/funds IPO in July/01 $1.280 2010-01-14 View
SMD-X Strategic Metals Y Mining $0.580 2017-04-21 View
SME-T Storm Cat Energy N oil/gas $0.040 2008-12-19 View
SMF-T Semafo Inc Y precious metals $3.940 2017-04-21 View
SMG-N Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Y misc consumer products $96.750 2017-04-21 View
SMG-T Shermag N household goods creates furniture from scratch $0.025 2009-10-03 View
SMH-N HOLDRs Semiconductor Y Unknown $78.610 2017-04-21 View
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