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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TLT-N iShares 20+ yr Tr. Bond ETF Y E.T.F.'s $129.070 2015-04-27 View
TM-N Toyota Y Automotive $141.210 2015-04-27 View
TMA-T Trimac Transportation Y Transportation & Environmental Services $7.090 2015-04-27 View
TMB-T Tembec Inc. Y east coast forestry $2.810 2015-04-27 View
TMC-T Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Y Financial Services $8.200 2015-04-27 View
TMC-T (Dead) TM Bioscience N biotechnology/pharmaceutical genetic testing $0.930 2007-03-12 View
TMD-T Titan Medical Inc. Y medical services $1.610 2015-04-27 View
TME-X Temex Resources Corp. Y other mines $0.040 2015-04-27 View
TMG-X Thermal Energy International Inc. Y environmental $0.055 2015-04-27 View
TMM-T Timmins Gold Corp. Y 0 $0.710 2015-04-27 View
TMO-N Thermo Electron Corp Y electrical/electronic Makes laser measuring devices. $130.020 2015-04-27 View
TMUS-N T-Mobile US Y communications/media $34.310 2015-04-27 View
TMV-N Direx 30-Yr Treasury Bear 3x Shares ETF Y E.T.F.'s $27.290 2015-04-27 View
TMY.A-T TempestEnergy Corp (A) N oil/gas $5.900 2005-12-09 View
TN.UN-T True North Apartment REIT Y REAL ESTATE $8.370 2015-04-27 View
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