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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TS-N Tenaris SA Y metal fabricators $30.340 2014-12-18 View
TS.B-T TorstarCorp (B) Y publishing/printing Owns newspapers and Harlequin books $5.960 2014-12-18 View
TSCO-Q Tractor Supply Y merchandising/lodging $77.500 2014-12-18 View
TSK-T Tusk Energy N oil/gas $2.140 2009-04-23 View
TSL-N Trina Solar Limited Y other mines $7.740 2014-12-18 View

wire nail manufacturer

Formerly Tree Island Wire Income Fund

$1.840 2014-12-18 View
TSLA-Q Tesla Motors Inc Y 0 $218.260 2014-12-18 View
TSM-N Taiwan Semiconductor MFG. Y electrical/electronic outsourcing semi conductor chips $21.790 2014-12-18 View
TSN-N Tyson Foods Inc. Y food processing $39.720 2014-12-18 View
TSN-X Telson Resources Inc Y oil/gas

Formerly Soho Resouces Corp


$0.005 2014-12-18 View
TSO-N Tesoro Petroleum Corp Y integrated oils $71.380 2014-12-18 View
TSQ-X Tosca Mining Y Mining $0.080 2014-12-18 View
TST-T Telesta Therapeutics Inc Y biotechnology/pharmaceutical

Formerly Bioniche Life Sciences (December 2014)

$0.225 2014-12-18 View
TSX-I S&P/TSX Composite Y indexes $14346.750 2014-12-18 View
TT-T Terra Energy Corp. Y oil/gas $0.150 2014-12-18 View
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