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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TSO-N Tesoro Petroleum Corp Y integrated oils $78.350 2014-11-28 View
TSQ-X Tosca Mining Y Mining $0.050 2014-11-28 View
TSX-I S&P/TSX Composite Y indexes $14922.440 2014-11-28 View
TT-T Terra Energy Corp. Y oil/gas $0.225 2014-11-28 View
TTD-X Tinkerine Studios Ltd. Y Business Services $0.200 2014-11-28 View
TTEC-Q Teletech Holdings Y other services $23.750 2014-11-28 View
TTEK-Q Tetra Tech Inc. Y environmental Specialized management consulting/technical services primarily in resource management, infrastructure, and communications. $27.390 2014-11-28 View
TTFS-N TrimTabs FloatShrink ETF Y E.T.F.'s $55.265 2014-11-28 View
TTH-T Transition Therapeutics Inc Y biotechnology/pharmaceutical Working on diabetes treatment $7.000 2014-11-28 View
TTM-N Tata Motors Ltd. Y Automotive $44.830 2014-11-28 View
TTQ-X (Not List TTM Resources N precious metals

Not listed (Novemeber 2014)

$0.040 2014-11-24 View
TTWO-Q Take-Two Interactive Softwar Y computer software/processing video game developer $28.160 2014-11-28 View
TUN-T Tundra Semiconductor N electrical/electronic Semiconductor Mfg. Nortel = customer $6.250 2009-07-08 View
TUNE-Q (Dead) Microtune N computer software $2.920 2010-12-01 View
TUP-N Tupperware Brands Y Consumer Products $66.420 2014-11-28 View
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