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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TDW-N Tidewater Inc. Y Transportation & Environmental Services $17.150 2015-10-08 View
TE-N Teco Energy Y electrical/electronic $26.780 2015-10-08 View
TEC-Paris Technip N contractors Engineering, technologies and construction services for oil/gas, etc $70.660 2007-08-15 View
TEC-T Technicoil Corp. N oil/gas field services acquired by Essential Energy Services $2.070 2011-06-07 View
TEF-N Telefonica S.A. Y telephone utilities Headquartered in Spain, but big in wireless in Latin America. $12.820 2015-10-08 View
TEF-SM Telefonica S.A. N telephone utilities $0.010 0000-00-00 View
TEI-T Toscana Energy Income Corp. Y Oil and Gas (Integrated Oils) $5.350 2015-10-08 View
TEL- OSLO Telenor N Telecommunications Oslo Exchange $0.010 0000-00-00 View
TELN-Q TelenorASA N telephone utilities A Norwegian telephone company. $55.820 2007-06-08 View
TEM-X Tembo Gold Y 0 $0.015 2015-10-08 View
TEN-N Tenneco Inc. Y Automotive One of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of emission control and ride control products and systems for the automotive original equipment market and the aftermarket. $49.420 2015-10-08 View
TEO-T Tesco Corp N oil/gas field services R & D at present $31.460 2008-07-02 View
TER-N Teradyne Inc Y electrical/electronic $19.090 2015-10-08 View
TER-T Terasen N gas utilities formerly BC Gas $35.380 2005-12-08 View
TERP-Q2 TerraForm Power Y Utilities $0.000 2015-10-08 View
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