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Stock Symbol Company Name Active? Sector Notes Extra Notes Closing Price As of Date Actions
TNX-T Tan Range Exploration Co Y precious metals Jr. gold $0.680 2015-03-05 View
TOE-X Tri Origin Exploration Limited Y precious metals $0.010 2015-03-05 View
TOG-T Torc Oil & Gas Ltd Y oil/gas $9.920 2015-03-05 View
TOG-T (Dead) TriStar Oil & Gas N oil/gas

Acquired October 2009.

$2.110 2013-02-13 View
TOL-N Toll Brothers Inc. Y contractors $37.880 2015-03-05 View
TOL-X (Dead) TriOil Resources N oil/gas

Acquired by Orlen Upstream (Nov 2013)

$2.840 2013-11-16 View
TOO-X Toro Oil & Gas Ltd Y Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities $0.600 2015-03-05 View
TOP-TB Thai Oil PCL N oil/gas Refinery $0.010 0000-00-00 View
TOS-T TSO3 Inc Y medical services $1.190 2015-03-05 View
TOT-N Total SA Y integrated oils $52.820 2015-03-05 View
TOT-T Total Energy Services Inc Y oil/gas field services $13.950 2015-03-05 View
TOU-T Tourmaline Oil Corp Y oil/gas $39.330 2015-03-05 View
TPC-N Tutor Perini Y REAL ESTATE $22.770 2015-03-05 View
TPH-N Tri Point Homes, |Inc Y 0 $15.110 2015-03-05 View

Formerly Temple REIT (Dec/12)

$2.630 2015-03-05 View
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