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Opinion for Exco Technologies (XTC-T)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

Specializes in providing different support things for the automobile sector, so are really capitalizing on this uptrend in autos. Well-managed with a top notch management team. They are having a CEO transition, which he is not too concerned about, as the past CEO will become chairman. The stock has been beaten down with the sector, which he feels is premature. Everybody is speculating that new car sales have reached their peak. Even if that is so, this company is trading at extremely attractive valuation multiples. They have quite a bit of revenue coming from outside of North America. Feels they will also have opportunities to deploy excess capital. Has about $30 million in excess capital. Dividend yield of 2.25%.

Andrey Omelchak
President & CIO, LionGuard Capital Management

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