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Opinion for Paladin Energy (PDN-T Unlisted)

Signal Price Bias Subject Owned

Thinks the uranium stocks are starting to turn. Juniors haven’t really started moving yet. He likes these junior/midsized plays. (See Top Picks.)

John Zechner
Chairman, J. Zechner & Assoc


Mr Success

December 17th 2012 at 7:56pm

I really really like this stock.
1. Demand has exceeded Supply for Uranium, for say decades.
2. The short term catalyst is in 2013 when apparently Russia stops selling uranium from its missle stockpile. Russia has supplied the uranium imbalance for previous lengthy time periods.
3. PDN is down say 50% from the lows from the nuclear disaster in Japan in the past 2 - 3 years.
4. PDN had a 10 year high in 2007 of $9.50/share. (Stockwatch graph)
5. PDN had a 5 year high in 2011 of $6.64. (Stockwatch graph)
6. PDN had a 3 year high in 2011 of $5.58. (Stockwatch graph)
7. PDN has two newer mines and it takes a long time and lots of money to construct.
8. Rumoured to be a takeover target by Cameco due to newer mines and mines in Africa where no overlap with Cameco.
9. Statement by Chinese that they are interested in Uranium Mines and they have a large number of nucleur reactors under construction which will even skew the demand curve more in favour of Uranium.
10. Non poluting energy source and a commodity of the future despite recent events that were unfortunate.
11. Potential mine in Canada
12. Lots of potential in Australia now due to a change in regulations.

This viewpoint is from Canada and generally Canadian sources albeit the main trading in PDN is Australia.

Mr Success

December 17th 2012 at 8:15pm

Mr. Success purchased PDN at 94 cents Canadian based on Mr. Zechners interview and on his own subsequent research. Please do your own due diligence before you invest in any security.

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