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Opinion for Bombardier Inc (B) (BBD.B-T)

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(He owns the preferred shares, which gives him a good income.) The problem with this company is that their subway and train systems do a great job and they win contracts but their margins are so thin. Then you put the airline component on top and it is so volatile and he considers it very risky. It’s either feast or famine. There is potential there but he is not ready to put his money on it.

David Cockfield
Managing Director, Northland Wealth Management

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October 30th 2012 at 4:28pm

Don't listen to this analyst. BBD.B is poised to soar once the C Series takes off. The analyst is probably just one of the many shorters who have preyed on this stock.

This is a great Canadian company with long-term prospects. Don't listen to the small-minded, misinformed analysts. Your gain is their loss, quite literally in the case of the shorters.

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