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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Sacks, Peter Toron Investment Management
Samahin, Reza Assistant Vice President of Equities Altamira Investment Services
Sargen, Nicholas Chief Investment Officer Fort Washington Investment Advisors
Schachter, Josef President Schachter Asset Management
Schaffner, David President & CEO Leith Wheeler
Schizas, Lou Business Editor Market Call
Schwarrtz, Barry CIO & Portfolio Manager Baskin Wealth Management
Seif, Som President and CEO Claymore Investments Inc.
Sellery, Bruce Business Editor Market Call
Serafini, Rick Portfolio Manager Aim Investments
Serge Depatie, Serge Assistant Vice President, Small Caps Natcan Investment Management
Sexsmith, Shauna Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Shaffer, Ian Shaffer President Galliant Advisors
Shannon, Kim Portfolio Manager C I Cdn Investment Fund
Shaunessy, Terry Founder & Director IndeXit
Shaw, Bill Partner & Portfolio Manager Exponent Investment Management
Shenfield, Avery Senior Economist CIBC World Markets
Shick, Linda Associate Portfolio Manager Macquarie Private Wealth
Short, Don Senior V.P. & Portfolio Manager Qwest Investment Fund
Simpson, Michael Senior Vice-President Sentry Investments
Sinkins, John Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp
Sissons, Darren Vice President and Partner Campbell Lee & Ross
Smedley, Michael Exec VP & Chief Investment Officer Morgan Meighan & Associates
Smith, Dean VP & Associate Portfolio Manager Gluskin Sheff and Associates
Smith, Phil Managing Director Scotia McLeod
Smith, Chris Managing Director Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.
Sneddon, Hap Chief Portfolio Manager & Founder Castlemoore Inc.
Snyder, Ed Principal Charter Equity Research
Sonders, Liz Chief Investment Officer Charles Schwab
Sood, Ravi President and Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Asset Management
Spooner, Malvin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mavrix Fund Management
Sprung, Michael President Sprung Investment Management
Squires, Alex Managing Partner Brant Securities Ltd.
Stabile, Rob Portfolio Manager LDIC Inc
Stadelmann, Ben Vice President Contra the Heard
Steele, Ray Vice President of Investments Mavrix Fund Management
Stein, Lyle Sr. Portfolio & Managing Director Vestcap Investment Management
Steinberg, Lorne President & Portfolio Manager Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc
Stephenson, John President & CEO Stephenson & Company Capital Management
Stevenson, Jennifer Executive Vice President Qwest Investment Fund Management Corp.
Stewart, Colin CEO & Portfolio manager JC Clark Investments Ltd.
Stewart, Duncan Director of Research & Analysis DSAM Consulting
Stodgell, Bob President Stodgell Inv Mngmnt
Stone, Richard President Stone Funds
Stovall, Robert Chief Investment Officer Wood Asset Management
Straus, Daniel Straus Head of ETF Research & Strategy National Bank Financial
Sturm, Fred Chief Investment Strategist Mackenzie Financial (Resource and Precious Metals)
Stutchberry, Rick Portfolio Manager Richardson GMP
Summers, Keith Summers Portfolio Manager Tricoastal Capital
Sutton, Howard President Tera Capital Corp.
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