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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Radman, Jennifer Radman Portfolio Manager Caldwell Investment Management
Rankin, Chris Diversified Trust Analyst Canaccord Capital
Ranson, Sharon Vice President of Canadian Equities Tal Global Asset Management
Reed, Don President and Chief Executive Officer Franklin Templeton Investments
Reid, Gordon President and CEO GoodReid Investment Counsel
Rice, Dan Portfolio Manager State Street Research
Richards, Keith Portfolio Manager ValueTrend Wealth Management
Robitaille, Marc-Andre President Robitaille Asset Management
Robitaille, Michele Portfolio Manager Guardian Capital
Roch-Decter, Genevieve Portfolio Manager LDIC Inc.
Rochon, Stephane US Portfolio Advisor RBC Asset Management Inc
Rogers, John Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ariel Capitol Management
Rogers, Brian Chief Investment Officer T. Rowe Price
Rogoff, Ben Senior Portfolio Manager Polar Capital
Roulston, Lawrence Editor Resource Opportunities
Rule, Rick Founder Global Resource Stocks
Ruus, Alex Executive VP & Portfolio Manager BluMont Capital
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