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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Name Title Company
Larry Berman Chief Investment Officer, Partner ETF Capital Management Inc.
Laszlo Birinyi President Birinyi Associates
Laura Wallace Managing Director Coleford Investment Management
Laura Lau Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital
Lawrence Roulston Editor Resource Opportunities
Lesley Marks Vice President & Portfolio Manager Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Leslie Lundquist Lead Manager Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Linda Shick Associate Portfolio Manager Macquarie Private Wealth
Liz Sonders Chief Investment Officer Charles Schwab
Liz Miller Miller President Summit Place Financial Advisors
Lorne Steinberg President & Portfolio Manager Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc
Lorne Zeiler Zeiler Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor TriDelta Financial
Lorne Zeller Zeller Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor TriDelta Financial
Lou Holland Chief Investment Officer Holland Capital Management
Lou Schizas Business Editor Market Call
Lyle Stein Sr. Portfolio & Managing Director Vestcap Investment Management
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