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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Name Title Company
Jack Cook Vice President and Portfolio Manager Scotia Cassels
Jackee Pratt Vice President and Portfolio Manager Mavrix Fund Mgmt Inc
Jaime Carrasco Director & Investment Advisor Scotiabank, Global Wealth & Insurance
James Hodgins Chief Investment Officer Curvature Hedge Strategies
James Leung Assistant Vice President of Investments MacKenzie Financial
James Moffett Portfolio Manager UMB Scout WorldWide Funds
James Paulsen Chief Investment Strategist Wells Capital Management
James West Publish and Editor of Midas Letter Midas Publishing LLC
James Dutkiewicz VP & Sr. Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
James Cole Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
James Telfser Telfser Portfolio Manager Caldwell Investment Manager
Jamie Horvat Sr. Portfolio Manager Sprott Assett Management
Jason Ader Hayground Cove Asset Management
Jason Donville President & CEO Donville Kent Asset Management
Jason Zandberg Income Trust Analyst Acumen Capital Finance Partners Ltd.
Jason Mayer Portfolio Manager Middlefield Capital
Jay Taylor Editor J. Taylor's Gold and Tech Stocks
Jean-Francois Tardif Senior Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management
Jeff Young Sr. VP & CIO NexGen Financial
Jeff Olin President & CEO Vision Capital Corporation
Jeff Black President & CIO Crestridge Asset Management
Jeff Parent Vice President and Portfolio Manager Matco Financial Inc
Jeff Morrison Portfolio Manager Bisset American Equity Funds
Jeffrey Auxier President and Chief Executive Officer Auxier Asset Management
Jennifer Stevenson Executive Vice President Qwest Investment Fund Management Corp.
Jennifer Radman Radman Portfolio Manager Caldwell Investment Management
Jerome Hass Hass Partner Lightwater Partners
Jim Doak President and Managing Partner Enterprise Capital Management
Jim Hardesty President Hardesty Capital Mangaement
Jim O'Shaughnessy Portfolio Manager RBC O'Shaughnessy Funds
Jim Huang President T.I.P. Wealth Management
Jim Houston President & COO Davis-Rea Ltd
Joanne Hruska Vice President, Portfolio Management Aston Hill Financial
Joe Connolly Director of Resource and Trading Cockfield Porretti Cunningham
Joey Mack Director, Fixed Income ScotiaCapital
John Zechner Chairman J. Zechner & Assoc
John Hood President & Portfolio Manager J. C Hood Investment.
John Embry President Sprott Asset Management
John Sinkins Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp
John McColl Equity Mngr Scotia McLeod
John Clarke Vice President Octagon Capital
John Connor Portfolio Manager Third Millennium Russia Fund
John Priestman Managing Director Guardian Capital
John Weatherall President and Chief Investment Strategist Scarthingmoor Asset Management
John Rogers Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ariel Capitol Management
John Kim President Cigna Retirement & Investment Services
John DeGoey VP & Assoc Portfolio Mgr Burgeonvest Bick Securities
John Stephenson President & CEO Stephenson & Company Capital Management
John O'Connell Chairman and CEO Davis Rea
John Manley Technical Analyst Innovative Options Group
John Wilson Wilson CEO; Co-CIO & Sr Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management
Jon Case Case Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
Jon Vialouxx Vialoux Research Analyst Horizons Investment Management
Jonathan Jonathan Baird Global Value Fund Manager Nexgen Financial
Jonathen Wellum Chief Executive Officer AIC Limited
Josef Schachter President Schachter Asset Management
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