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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Gallander, Benj President Contra the Heard Investment Letter
Galvin, Thomas President and Chief Investment Officer U.S. Trust Growth Equity Group
Gannon, Francis Portfolio Manager AIG SunAmerica
Gardner, Paul Partner and Portfolio Manager Avenue Investment Management
Garrity, David Director of Research Dinosaur Securities
Gartman, Dennis Author The Gartman Letter
Gaudreau, Marc-Andre Sr. VP Fixed Income Natcan Investment Management
George, Thomas TD Asset Management
Gerasimowicz, Walter Chairman and CEO Meditron Asset Management
Gibson, Peter Vice Chairman Desjardins Securities
Gill, Paul Institutional sales Lightyear Capital Inc
Giordano, Michael VP Investments & Portfolio Manager
Gobert, Wilf Oil Analyst Peters & Company
Gold, Steve Research Analyst Leeward Hedge Funds
Goodman, David President Dynamic Mutual Funds
Goodwin, Kim Chief Investment Officer State Street Research
Graham, Gavin Chief Strategy Officer Integris Pension Management
Graham, Keith Vice President and Portfolio Manager Aim Investments
Grammer, Mark Senior VP, Investments MacKenzie Investments
Grandich, Peter Chief Market Commentator
Granger, Mason Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
Groff, Stephen Groff Portfolio Manager Cambridge Global Asset Management
Groppe, Henry Principal Groppe, Long & Littell
Guichon, Greg Portfolio Manager Rockwater Asset Management
Guldimann, Beat Vice Chairman & ManagingDirector Hampton Securities.
Guy, Andrew Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp.
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