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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Da Silva, Dennis Managing Director Middlefield Capital Ltd.
Darst, David Chief Investment Strategist Morgan Stanley Indiv. Investor Grp.
Dater, Elizabeth Senior Portfolio Manager Forstmann Leff Assoc
Davies, Martin Davies Portfolio Manager Brickburn Asset Management
Davis, Cristopher Portfolio Manager Davis New York Venture Fund
Dawson, Brian Portfolio Manager McLean Budden
Deans, Alison Chief Investment Officer Lehman BrothersPrivate Client Services
Decter, Michael President & CEO Lawrence Decter Investment Counsel
DeGoey, John Portfolio Manager Industrial Alliance Securities
Delisle, Vincent Investment Strategist Desjardins Securities
Demarin, Tony President & CIO BCV Asset Management
Devlin, Ed Executive Vice President PIMCO
DiGregorio, Steve DiGregorio Portfolio Manager Canoe Financial
Dillingham, Charles Vice President and Portfolio Manager Morguard Financial
Dionne, Rob Partner Scheer, Rowlett and Associates
Doak, Jim President and Managing Partner Enterprise Capital Management
Doll, Bob Chief Investment Officer Merrill Lynch Investment Managers
Donnini, Pier Head of Institutional Securities Yorkton Securities
Donville, Jason President & CEO Donville Kent Asset Management
Doyle, Philip Portfolio Manager Artemis Investment Management
Dreman, David Chairman Dreman Value Management
Driscoll, David President & CEO Liberty International Investment Management Inc
Dustin, Allan Investment Advisor Raymond James
Dutkiewicz, James Chief Inv Strategist & Sr. Portfolio Manager Sentry Investments
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