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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Name Title Company
Dan Bastasic Vice President of Investments MacKenzie Financial
Dan Rice Portfolio Manager State Street Research
Daniel Boone Portfolio Manager Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund
Danny Tomka Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Darren Sissons Managing Director Portfolio Management Corp
David Morgan The Silver Investor
David Garrity Director of Research Dinosaur Securities
David Abella Portfolio Manager Rochdale Investment Management
David Dreman Chairman Dreman Value Management
David Darst Chief Investment Strategist Morgan Stanley Indiv. Investor Grp.
David Williams Portfolio Manager Excelsior Value & Restructuring Fund
David Schaffner President & CEO Leith Wheeler
David Driscoll President & CEO Liberty International Investment Management Inc
David Burrows President & Chief Investment Strategist Barometer Capital Management
David Cockfield Sr. VP & Managing Director Northland Wealth Management
David McLean Portfolio Manager McLean AssetMngmnt
David Baskin President Baskin Wealth Management
David Taylor Vice President & Portfolio Manager Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel
David Mason Chief Executive Officer Augen Capital Corp
David Chapman Investment Advisor Union Securities Ltd.
David Goodman President Dynamic Mutual Funds
David Kramer Analyst David Kramer & Associates
David King Portfolio Manager, New Value Fund Putnam Investments
Dean Smith VP & Associate Portfolio Manager Gluskin Sheff and Associates
Dean Orrico Managing Director Middlefield Capital Corp.
Dennis Gartman Author The Gartman Letter
Dennis Mitchell Executive Vice-President & Chief Investment Office Sentry Select Capital Corp
Dennis Da Silva Managing Director Middlefield Capital Ltd.
Derek Warren Asst V P Lincluden Investment Mgmnt
Derek Webb Chairman, CIO Webb Asset Management
Don Vialoux Research Analyst TimingTheMarket.CA & EquityClock.COM
Don Reed President and Chief Executive Officer Franklin Templeton Investments
Don Lato President Padlock Investment Management
Don Short Senior V.P. & Portfolio Manager Qwest Investment Fund
Doren Quinton President QIS Capital
Doug Casey Chairman Casey Research
Douglas Kee Chief Investment Officer Leon Frazer & Associates
Drummond Brodeur Vice President & Portfolio Manager CI Investments
Duncan Stewart Director of Research & Analysis DSAM Consulting
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