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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Baillie, Matt Vice President and Portfolio Manager Sceptre Investment Council Ltd
Baird, Jonathan Global Value Fund Manager Nexgen Financial
Barasch, Matt US Portfolio Advisor RBC Asset Management
Bashir, Mohsin VP Investments Stone Asset Management
Baskin, David President Baskin Wealth Management
Bastasic, Dan Vice President of Investments MacKenzie Financial
Belisle, Steve Belisle Senior Portfolio Manager & Managing Director Manulife Asset Management
Belovay, Bill Deceased June/09. Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Berger, Karl Partner Toron Investment Management
Berman, Larry Chief Investment Officer, Partner ETF Capital Management Inc.
Berman, Arthur Petroleum geologist
Bernard, Pierre Vice President of Canadian Equities Industrial Alliance Fund Management
Bernstien, Richard Chief U.S. Strategist Merrill Lynch
Birinyi, Laszlo President Birinyi Associates
Black, Jeff President & CIO Crestridge Asset Management
Blackstein, Noah Prtf Mngr (Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel) Dynamic Funds
Blake, Alan Portfolio Manager Smith Barney
Blum, Craig Portfolio Manager TCW Galileo Select Equities Fund
Boaz, Bob Director Equ Research Dundee Securities
Bobrinskoy, Charlie Director of Research Ariel Mutual Funds
Bonham, Mark President and Chief Executive Officer Bonham & Co
Bonner, Bill President & Portfolio Manager Brickburn Asset Management Inc
Boone, Daniel Portfolio Manager Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund
Bowman, Michael Portfolio Manager Wickham Investment Management
Brieger, Peter Chairman & Chief Executive Officer GlobeInvestment Capital Management
Brodeur, Drummond Vice President & Portfolio Manager CI Investments
Brown, Ed President Brown Capital Management
Brown, Michael Portfolio Manager Inhance Investment Management
Burke, John Burke CEO & CIO Burke Financial Strategies
Burrows, David President & Chief Investment Strategist Barometer Capital Management
Bushell, Eric Portfolio Manager C.I. Dividend Equity Fund
Bushell, Ryan V. P. & Portfolio Manager Leon Frazer and Associates
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