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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Brendan Caldwell President Caldwell Securities
Brendan Kyne Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leeward Hedge Funds Inc
Brent Cook Editor Exploration Insights
Brett Hryb Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Brian Prokop Oil/Gas Analyst Peters & Co.
Brian Rogers Chief Investment Officer T. Rowe Price
Brian Dawson Portfolio Manager McLean Budden
Brian Pow Vice President, Research Acumen Capital Finance Partners
Brian Milner Columnist Globe and Mail
Brian Acker Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves Acker Finley Inc.
Brian Huen Huen Managing Partner Red Sky Capital Management
Brooke Thackray President Jov Investment Management
Bruce Campbell Portfolio Manager Stone Castle Investment Management Inc.
Bruce Cooper Portfolio Manager T.D. Asset
Bruce Hartman Portfolio Manager Blackmont Capital
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