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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Adam Thomas Vice President & Portfolio Manager Qwest Fund Management
Alan Kral Vice President Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen Inc.
Alan Blake Portfolio Manager Smith Barney
Alex Squires Managing Partner Brant Securities Ltd.
Alex Lane Vice President & Portfolio Manager Dynamic Funds
Alex Ruus Portfolio Manager Arrow Capital Management
Alice Tsang Portfolio Manager Marquest Asset Management
Alison Deans Chief Investment Officer Lehman BrothersPrivate Client Services
Allan Meyer VP & Portfolio Manager Wickham Investment Counsel
Allan Jacobs Director of Small-Cap Investments Sprott Asset Management Inc.
Allan Laboucan Editor Allan Barry Reports
Allan Dustin Investment Advisor Raymond James
Andrew Hamlin VP & Portfolio Manager Aston Hill Financial
Andrew McCreath Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital
Andrew Guy Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp.
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