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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Adam Thomas Vice President & Portfolio Manager Qwest Fund Management
Alan Kral Vice President Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen Inc.
Alan Blake Portfolio Manager Smith Barney
Alex Lane Vice President & Portfolio Manager Dynamic Funds
Alex Ruus Portfolio Manager Arrow Capital Management
Alex Squires Managing Partner Brant Securities Ltd.
Alice Tsang Portfolio Manager Marquest Asset Management
Alison Deans Chief Investment Officer Lehman BrothersPrivate Client Services
Allan Laboucan Editor Allan Barry Reports
Allan Meyer VP & Portfolio Manager Wickham Investment Counsel
Allan Dustin Investment Advisor Raymond James
Allan Jacobs Director of Small-Cap Investments Sprott Asset Management Inc.
Andrew Hamlin VP & Portfolio Manager Aston Hill Financial
Andrew Guy Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital Corp.
Andrew Cook Andrew Cook and Associates
Andrew McCreath Senior Portfolio Manager Sentry Select Capital
Andrey Omelchak Omelchak President & CIO LionGuard Capital Management
Andy Nasr Managing Dir & Sr. Portfolio Manager Middlefield Capital
Ara Nalbandian Portfolio Manager Highwater Capital Management
Arthur Berman Petroleum geologist
Arthur Heinmaa Managing Partner Toron Investment Management
Avery Shenfield Senior Economist CIBC World Markets
Barbara Marcin Portfolio Manager Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund
Barry Schwarrtz CIO & Portfolio Manager Baskin Wealth Management
Beat Guldimann Vice Chairman & ManagingDirector Hampton Securities.
Ben Cheng President and Chief Investment Officer Aston Hill Financial Ltd.
Ben Stadelmann Vice President Contra the Heard
Ben Rogoff Senior Portfolio Manager Polar Capital
Benj Gallander President Contra the Heard Investment Letter
Beth Hamilton-Keen Director & Senior Portfolio Manager Mawer Investment Management
Bill Bonner President & Portfolio Manager Brickburn Asset Management Inc
Bill Proctor MacKenzie Financial
Bill Shaw Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager Mavrix Fund Management
Bill Carrigan Technical Analyst Getting Technical Info Service
Bill MacLachlan Director Mawer Investment Mngmnt
Bill Belovay Deceased June/09. Jones Heward Investment Counsel
Bill Harris Portfolio Manager Avenue Investment Management
Blair Wilson Associate Director and Portfolio Advisory Group ScotiaMcLeod
Bob Boaz Director Equ Research Dundee Securities
Bob Lyon Senior. Vice President & Portfolio Manager AGF Funds Inc.
Bob Froehlich Chief Investment Strategist Scudder Investments
Bob Stodgell President Stodgell Inv Mngmnt
Bob Doll Chief Investment Officer Merrill Lynch Investment Managers
Bob Thompson Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist Canaccord Capital
Brad Willock Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager RBC Asset Management
Brandon Osten President & CEO Venator Capital Management
Brendan Caldwell President Caldwell Securities
Brendan Kyne Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leeward Hedge Funds Inc
Brent Cook Exploration Analyst & Geologist Exploration Insights
Brett Hryb Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Brian Acker Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves Acker Finley Inc.
Brian Rogers Chief Investment Officer T. Rowe Price
Brian Pow Vice President, Research Acumen Capital Finance Partners
Brian Dawson Portfolio Manager McLean Budden
Brian Prokop Oil/Gas Analyst Peters & Co.
Brian Milner Columnist Globe and Mail
Brian Huen Huen Managing Partner Red Sky Capital Management
Brooke Thackray President Jov Investment Management
Bruce Cooper Portfolio Manager T.D. Asset
Bruce Sellery Business Editor Market Call
Bruce Hartman Portfolio Manager Blackmont Capital
Bruce Campbell President Campbell and Lee InvMngmnt
Bruce Campbell President & Portfolio Manager Stone Castle Investment Management Inc.
Bruce Murray Murray CIO & Head of Research The Murray Wealth Group
Bruce Tatters Tatters Founding Partner and CIO Triumph Asset Management
Cameron Webster Managing Partner Sandstone Asset Management
Cameron Hurst Hurst Chief Portfolio Manager Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Charles Lannon Director of Research Toron Investment Management
Charles Maxwell Senior Energy Analyst Weeden & Co.
Charles Edwardes-Ker TD
Charles Oliver Senior Portfolio Manager Sprott Asset Management Inc.
Charles Dillingham Vice President and Portfolio Manager Morguard Financial
Charlie Bobrinskoy Director of Research Ariel Mutual Funds
Chris Rankin Diversified Trust Analyst Canaccord Capital
Chris Smith Managing Director Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.
Chris Kresic Senior Vice President, Investments Mackenzie Financial
Chris Lowe Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager AIC Limited
Chris Ceraso Senior US Auto Analyst Credit Suisse First Boston
Chris Fernyc Portfolio Manager Bissett Investment
Chris Hensen Hensen Co-Manager of the Manulife International Focused F Manulife Asset Management
Christine Horoyski VP of Fixed Income Aurion Capital Management
Christine Hughes President and Chief Investment Strategist Otterwood Capital Management
Christine Poole CEO & Managing Director GlobeInvest Capital Management
Christine Callies Chief Market Strategist Bessemer Trust
Christopher Williams Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Williams Capital Group
Chyanne Fickes Vice President of Investments Stone Funds
Clos Olsson Senior Portfolio Manager InvescoTrimark
Colin Stewart CEO & Portfolio manager JC Clark Investments Ltd.
Colin Ferenbach Portfolio Manager Tocqueville Alexis Fund
Colin Fisher Fisher President & Portfolio Manager Stableview Asset Management
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Craig Porter Lead Manager Altamira Resource Fund
Craig MacAdam Portfolio Manager Aurion Capital
Craig Machel Associate Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor Macquarie Private Wealth
Craig Millar Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Mgr Norrep Funds
Craig Blum Portfolio Manager TCW Galileo Select Equities Fund
Cristopher Davis Portfolio Manager Davis New York Venture Fund
Dan Bastasic Vice President of Investments MacKenzie Financial
Dan Rice Portfolio Manager State Street Research
Daniel Boone Portfolio Manager Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund
Daniel Straus Straus Head of ETF Research & Strategy National Bank Financial
Danny Tomka Portfolio Manager MFC Global Investment Management
Darren Sissons Managing Director Portfolio Management Corp
David Morgan The Silver Investor
David Driscoll President & CEO Liberty International Investment Management Inc
David Goodman President Dynamic Mutual Funds
David Garrity Director of Research Dinosaur Securities
David Kramer Analyst David Kramer & Associates
David Abella Portfolio Manager Rochdale Investment Management
David Dreman Chairman Dreman Value Management
David Baskin President Baskin Wealth Management
David McLean Portfolio Manager McLean AssetMngmnt
David Williams Portfolio Manager Excelsior Value & Restructuring Fund
David Cockfield Sr. VP & Managing Director Northland Wealth Management
David Burrows President & Chief Investment Strategist Barometer Capital Management
David Darst Chief Investment Strategist Morgan Stanley Indiv. Investor Grp.
David Taylor Vice President & Portfolio Manager Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel
David King Portfolio Manager, New Value Fund Putnam Investments
David Mason Chief Executive Officer Augen Capital Corp
David Chapman Investment Advisor Union Securities Ltd.
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