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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Zaio Corporation ZAO-X Real estate appraisal
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd ZAR-T
Zarlink ZL-T (Dead) Acquired
ZBB Energy Corporation ZBB-A
ZCL Composites Inc. ZCL-T Manufactures underground fiberglass tank systems
Zebra Technologies Corp ZBRA-Q radio frequency ID area
Zecotek Photonics ZMS-X
Zed.i Solutions Inc ZED-X (Dead)

System takes gas well readings at source and sends wireless

Gone private (March 2014)

Zena Energy Corp. ZNS-T
Zenn Motor Company Inc. ZNN-X Electric cars
Zenon Environmental ZEN-T waste water treatment
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd ZEN-X
Zeo Tech Enviro ZEO-X Does predictive text for cell phones. Specialty in Chinese based cell phones
Zeox Corporation ZOX.H-X Focused on zeolite minerals.
Zhongpin Inc. HOGS-Q (Dead)

pork in China

Acquired by Parent (2013)

ZI Corp ZIC-T Chinese characters on cell phone
ZIM Corporation ZIMCF-Q2 (Dead) Has blackberry-like technology on mobile phones.
Zimmer Holdings Inc. ZMH-N
Zoetis Inc ZTS-N
Zoll Medical Corp. ZOLL-Q (Dead) Acquired
Zongshen PEM Power Systems ZPP-T (Dead)

No longer listed (Dec/12)

Zoomed ZMD-X Communication device for doctors for prescriptions
Zoran Corp ZRAN-Q (Dead) Merged with CSR
Zynga ZNGA-Q


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