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Iamgold Corp IMG-T Jr gold mine
IAT Air Cargo Trust ACF.UN-T (Dead) owns/leases air cargo space at major airports
IBC Advanced Alloys IB-X
Iberdrola Renovables IBR-MD Madrid exchange
Iberiabank Corp IBKC-Q
Iberian Minerals Corporation IZN-X (Dead)

Acquired by Urion Minerals Feb/13

IBI Corporation IBI-X (Dead)
IBI Group IBG-T Engineering and consulting on infrastructure
Ibiden 4062-JP ceramic coatings for semiconductors
IBM IBM-N PC Mnfctr. Also has good service revenues.
IC Potash ICP-T
Icahn Enterprises LP IEP-Q
Ichiyoshi Securities 8624-JP
ICOS Corp ICOS-Q drug = a Viagra jr.
ID Biomedical IDB-T gene technology & vaccines
Idaho Natural Resources IDN.H-X (Dead)

Not Listed (Jan 2013)

Ifabric Corp IFA-X
IGM Financial Inc. IGM-T Asset mngmnt
Ikanos Communications IKAN-Q They provide chips to wireless companies to provide faster Internet service.
Ikkuma Resources IKM-X

Formerly Panterra Resource

ILI Technologies ILI-X (Dead)
Illinois Tool Works ITW-N
Illumina Inc. ILMN-Q

Gene sequencing products.

IMA Exploration Inc. IMR-X
Imaging Dynamics Company IDL-T (Dead)

high-resolution digital radiography (x-ray) systems for medical imaging

Being delisted (Dec 2013)

Immucor Inc. BLUD-Q (Dead) Ac
Impact Silver Corp. IPT-X
Imperial Metals Corp III-T
Imperial Oil IMO-T
Imperial PlasTech IPG.H-X conduit for fibre installation
Imperial Sugar Company IPSU-Q (Dead) Acquired
IMRIS Inc. IM-T An image guided therapy solutions company
IMS Health Inc RX-N controls 80% of data flow re drug prescriptions
Imvescor Restaurant Group IRG-T
Inco N-T nickle
Indexplus 2 Income Fund IDT.UN-T
India Fund Inc. IFN-N
Indigo Books & Music Inc. IDG-T
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd 1398-HK (Dead)
Industrial Alliance Ins. and Finc. Services (Pref.) IAG.PR.A-T
Industrial-Alliance Life Ins IAG-T
Industrie Natuzzi-SPA NTZ-N leather furniture
IndyMac Bancorp IMB-N
Inex Pharmaceuticals Corp IEX-T anti cancer
InFocus INFS-Q
Information Services ISV-T
Infosys Technologies Ltd. INFY-N
Infowave Software IW-T Accessing internet to read remote data wireless (eg an oil well)
ING Groep NV ING-N banking
Ingersoll-Rand Co IR-N
INGRAM MICRO INC. IM-N one of the leading distributors of information technology products and services worldwide
Inmet Mining IMN-T (Dead)

Acquired by First Quantum April 2013

Innergex Renewable Energy INE-T
Innodata Isogen Inc. INOD-Q A leading provider of content supply chain solutions.
Innova Exploration Ltd. IXL-T
Innovative Composites IC-X (Dead)

Not Listed (August 2013)

Innovium Capital IN-X (dead) suspended
InnVest Reit INN.UN-T
Inovalis REIT INO.UN-T
Input Capital Corp INP-X
Insperity NSP-N Was Administaff.Inc
Inspiration Mining ISM-T
InStorage REIT IS.UN-T Self storage REIT.
Intact Financial IFC-T formerly ING
Integrated Silicon Solution ISSI-Q
Intel INTC-Q semi-conductor mnfctr
Inter Pipeline IPL-T
Inter-Citic Minerals Inc. ICI-T (Dead)

Acquired by Western Mining Gfroup

Interactive Data Corp IDC-N (Dead)
Intercontinentalexchange Inc. ICE-N
InterDigital IDCC-Q
Interfor Corp IFP-T
International Barytex Resources Ltd. IBX-X
International Coal Group ICO-N (Dead) Acquired by Arch Coal
International Datacasting Corp. IDC-T
International Flavors & Fragrances IFF-N
International Frontier Resources IFR-X
International Game Technology IGT-N mnfctrs of computerized casino gaming products
International Northair Mines INM-X
International Paper Co IP-N
International Rectifier Corp IRF-N power semiconductors
International Road Dynamics IRD-T highway weigh scales
International Royalty Corp. IRC-T
International Speedway Corp ISCA-Q
International Tower Hill Mines Ltd ITH-X
International Uranium Corp IUC-T
International Wex Technologies WXI-T (Dead) Acquired
Internet Security Systems Inc ISSX-Q
Interoil Corp. IOC-N building a refinery in Papua, New Guinea
Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. IPG-N
Intertain Group IT-T
Intertainment Media INT-X
Intertape Polymer Group ITP-T
Intertape Polymer Group Inc. ITP-N
Intertek Group plc ITRK-LON Testing and Inspection
InterXion Holding N.V. INXN-N
Intrawest ITW-T recreation property company
Intrepid Minerals Corporation IAU-T (Dead)

Acquired by Nustar Mining (July 2014)

Intrepid Potash IPI-N
Intrinsyc Software Inc ITC-T

small cap - imbedded software

Intuit Inc. INTU-Q
Intuitive Surgical Inc. ISRG-Q
InvenSense, Inc. INVN-N
Invesco Ltd. IVZ-N
Investors Capital Holdings Inc. ICH-A (Dead)

Not Listed (July 2014)

Investors Financial Services Corp IFIN-Q
Invicta Oil & Gas IGG-X
Iona Energy Inc. INA-X
Iowa Telecom Services IWA-N (Dead) Rural telephone services
IP Applications IPX-X
iPath DJ AIG Copper TR Sub-Index JJC-N
iPath DJ-AIG Agricultural Index JJA-N Agriculture
iPath DJ-AIG Commodity Index DJP-N Commodity Index
iPath DJ-AIG Grains Index JJG-N
iPath DJ-AIG Platinum Index PGM-N
iPath DJ-UBS Cocoa NIB-N
iPath DowJones-UBS Natural Gas GAZ-N
iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN CAFE-US (Dead)

Not Listed

iPath Purebeta Copper ETN CUPM-ETN

Exchange Traded Note

iPATH S&P 500 VIX Short-Term VXX-N VIX = Volatility Index
iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term VXX-T (Dead)

Not listed on the TSX (May 2014)

iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil OIL-N
IPC US Income Commercial REIT IUR.UN-T
IPL Inc (A) IPI.A-T (Dead)
Iplayco Corporation Ltd. IPC-X
IPSCO Inc IPS-T Oil & gas pipes
IQ Agribusiness Small Cap CROP-N


IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy ETF QAI-N
IROC Energy Services ISC-X (Dead)

Acquired by Western Energy

Iron Mountain IRM-N data storage
iseemedia Inc IEE-X (Dead)
iSh JPMorgan USD Emerg Mk Bond XEB-T Replicates, to the extent possible, the performance of the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Core Hedged in CAD Index, net of expenses.
iShares Corporate Bond ETF LQD-N
iShares 1-10 Corp Bond Fund CBH-T
iShares 1-3 yr Tr. Bond E.T.F. SHY-N
iShares 1-5 yr Government Bond ETF CLF-T
iShares 1-5 yr Ladder Corp Bond ETF CBO-T
iShares 1-5 yr Ladder Corp Bond ETF CBO.A-T
iShares 20+ yr Tr. Bond ETF TLT-N
iShares 7-10yr Tr. Bond E.T.F. IEF-N
iShares Adv. Convertible Bond ETF CVD-T
iShares Adv. Short Duration High ETF CSD-T
iShares Advantage High Yield Bond ETF CHB-T
IShares Aero & Def. ETF ITA-N
iShares Aggregate Bond ETF AGG-N
iShares Alternative Completion ETF XAL-T
iShares BRIC ETF CBQ-T BRIC = Brazil, Russia, India and China
iShares Broad Commodity ETF CBR-T Tracks an index called the Auspice Broad Commodity Index.
iShares Broad Emerging Market ETF CWO-T
iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income E.T.F. FIE.A-T Primarily shares, bonds, inc trusts of financial sector.
iShares Canadian Long Bond ETF XLB-T
iShares Cdn Financial Monthly Income ETF FIE-T
iShares Cdn Corp Bond ETF XCB-T
iShares Cdn Div Aristocrats ETF CDZ-T


iShares Cdn Dividend ETF XDV-T
iShares Cdn Financials XFM-T
iShares Cdn Fundamental ETF CRQ-T
iShares Cdn Univer. Maple ETF XSH-T
iShares China ETF CHI-T
iShares China Index ETF XCH-T
iShares CNX Nifty India XID-T
iShares COMEX Gold ETF IGT-T Basically buying gold in Cdn$'s.
iShares COMEX Gold ETF IAU-N Gold.
iShares D J Broker-Deal E.T.F. IAI-N
iShares D J Financial Sector E.T.F. IYF-N
iShares D J Financial Services E.T.F. IYG-N
iShares DEX All Govt Bond ETF XGB-T
iShares DEX Floating Rate ETF XFR-T
iShares DEX Short Term Bond XSB-T
iShares DEX Universe Bond ETF XBB-T
iShares Diversified Monthly IF ETF XTR-T
iShares DJ Canadian Value ETF XCV-T An index of Cdn value stocks
iShares DJ Dividend ETF DVY-N


iShares DJ Home Construction ETF ITB-N
iShares DJ Medical Devices E.T.F. IHI-N
iShares DJ Oil Eq & Svc E.T.F. IEZ-N
iShares Dow Jones Real Estate E.T.F. IYR-N Real estate
iShares Dow Jones Regional Bank E.T.F. IAT-N
iShares Dow Jones Technology E.T.F. IYW-N
iShares Dow Jones Transport ETF IYT-N
iShares Emr Mrk Infrast E.T.F. EMIF-Q
iShares Emrg Mkt Div ETF DVYE-N
iShares EPAC Dividend E.T.F. IDV-N
iShares Equal Weight Bank & Lifeco ETF CEW-T
iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF FLOT-N
iShares Global Advantage Dividend E.T.F. CYH-T
iShares Global Agriculture ETF COW-T
iShares Global Balanced Growth E.T.F. CBN-T
iShares Global Infrastructure E.T.F. IGF-N
iShares Global Infrastructure E.T.F. CIF-T
iShares Global Materials ETF MXI-N
iShares Global Real Estate ETF CGR-T
iShares Global Tech IXN-N
iShares Gold Bullion ETF CGL-T
iShares Growth Core E.T.F. XGR-T
iShares Hi Yield Corp Bond ETF HYG-N
iShares High Dividend Equity HDV-N
iShares India Nifty 50 ETF INDY-Q
iShares International Fundamental ETF CIE-T
iShares Japan C$ Hedge ETF CJP-T
iShares Japan ETF EWJ-N
iShares Mortgage Plus ETF REM-N
iShares MSCI All Country World Minimum Volatility XMW-T
iShares MSCI Australia E.T.F. EWA-N
iShares MSCI Brazil ETF EWZ-N
iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETF XBZ-T
iShares MSCI Canada E.T.F. EWC-N
iShares MSCI Canada Minimum Volatility XMV-T
iShares MSCI EAFE (CAD-Hedged) ETF XIN-T Based on the EFA Index (Europe, Australasia and far east)
iShares MSCI EAFE Grwth E.T.F. EFG-N Europe, Australia, Far East growth related issues.
iShares MSCI EAFE Minimum Volatility XMI-T
iShares MSCI EAFE Value E.T.F. EFV-N Blue-chip dividend stocks outside of North America.
iShares MSCI Emerg Mkts Minimum Volatility XMM-T
iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF EEM-N
iShares MSCI Emerging Market Union E.T.F. EZU-N 350 largest European companies excluding UK.
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets XEM-T
iShares MSCI Europe Financial EUFN-Q
iShares MSCI France E.T.F. EWQ-N
iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF FM-N
iShares MSCI Germany ETF EWG-N
iShares MSCI Hong Kong E.T.F. EWH-N
iShares MSCI Italy E.T.F. EWI-N
iShares MSCI Malaysia E.T.F. EWM-N
iShares MSCI Mexico E.T.F. EWW-N
iShares MSCI Russia Capped ETF ERUS-N
iShares MSCI Singapore E.T.F. EWS-N
iShares MSCI SouthKorea E.T.F. EWY-N
iShares MSCI Spain ETF EWP-N
iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF EWL-N
iShares MSCI Thailand Capped Index E.T.F. THD-N
iShares MSCI UK E.T.F. EWU-N
iShares MSCI USA Minimum Volatility XMU-T
iShares MSCI World Index Fund XWD-T
iShares N.A. Technology ETF IGM-N
iShares Nasdaq BioTech ETF IBB-Q
iShares Natural Gas Commodity ETF GAS-T (Dead)
iShares Oil Sands Sector ETF CLO-T
iShares Philippines ETF EPHE-N
iShares Premium Money Market E.T.F. CMR-T
iShares Rusl 3000 E.T.F. IWV-N
iShares Rusl 3000 Value E.T.F. IWW-N (Dead)

Not listed (June 2014)

iShares Rusl Growth E.T.F. IWZ-N (Dead)

Not listed.  (June 2014)

iShares Russell 1000 E.T.F. IWD-N
iShares Russell 2000 ETF IWM-N
iShares Russell 2000 Growth E.T.F. IWO-N
iShares Russell 2000(CAD-Hedged) XSU-T
iShares S&P 500 (CAD-Hedged) ETF XSP-T
iShares S&P 500 E.T.F. IVV-N
iShares S&P 500 Growth E.T.F. IVW-N
iShares S&P 500 Index ETF XUS-T
iShares S&P 500 Value E.T.F. IVE-N
iShares S&P Asia 50 ETF AIA-N
iShares S&P Europe 350 E.T.F. IEV-N 350 largest European companies including UK.
iShares S&P Glb Energy E.T.F. IXC-N
iShares S&P Glb Financl E.T.F. IXG-N
iShares S&P Global 100 E.T.F. IOO-N
iShares S&P Global Consumer Discretionary Index (CDN H XCD-T
iShares S&P Global Consumer Staples KXI-N
iShares S&P Global Healthcare XHC-T
iShares S&P Global Industries Index Fund XGI-T
iShares S&P Global Timber & Forestry ETF WOOD-Q
iShares S&P Global Water E.T.F. CWW-T
iShares S&P Latin America 40 E.T.F. ILF-N
iShares S&P Latin America 40 ETF XLA-T
iShares S&P Small Cap 600 E.T.F. IJR-N
iShares S&P Small Cap 600 Growth IJT-N
iShares S&P US Div. Growth Fund CUD-T
iShares S&P US Preferred. E.T.F. PFF-N
iShares S&P/TSX Cap. Cons. St. XST-T
iShares S&P/TSX Cap. Utilities XUT-T
iShares S&P/TSX Capped Comp. ETF XIC-T
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT XRE-T
iShares S&P/TSX Equity Income XEI-T
iShares S&P/TSX Gb Base Metals XBM-T
iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold XGD-T
iShares S&P/TSX Global Mining ETF CMW-T
iShares S&P/TSX Information Technology Capped XIT-T Technical stocks
iShares S&P/TSX N.A. Preferred XPF-T
iShares S&P/TSX Preferred ETF CPD-T 60 high quality preferred shares based in Canada
iShares S&P/TSX SmallCap ETF XCS-T
iShares Silver Bullion Fund SVR-T

Formerly Blackrock Silver Bullion Trust

iShares Silver ETF SLV-N
iShares TIPS Bond E.T.F. TIP-N
iShares TSX Venture Index ETF XVX-T
iShares U.S. C$ Hedge ETF CLU-T
iShares US Fundamental non-hedge Fund CLU.C-T
iShares US Healthcare E.T.F. IYH-N
iShares US Healthcare Providers IHF-N
iShares US High Div. Equity XHD-T
iShares US High Yield Bond Index ETF XHY-T CAD Hedged
iShares US Pharma IHE-N
iShares US Utilities E.T.F. IDU-N
iShares Xinhua China 25 ETF FXI-N 25 leading companies in China
iShares® DEX HYBrid Bond Index Fund. XHB-T Invests in both High-Yield and Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds.
iShr JPMorgn EMB-N JPMorgan EMBI Global Core index
iSign Media Solutions ISD-X
Isle of Capri Casinos Inc ISLE-Q
Isotechnnika Inc ISA-T (Dead)

Merged with Aurinia (Sept 2013)

Itau Unibanco Holding S.A. ITUB-N Brazilian Bank - main goal is to focus on an equilibrium between growth and profitability
Iteris Inc ITI-A Provider of systems and sensors that optimize the flow of traffic.
Ithaca Energy Inc. IAE-T
Itron Inc. ITRI-Q
ITT Educational ESI-N
iUnits Govmnt 5 yr Bond XGV-T
iUnits Real Return Bond ETF XRB-T
iUnits S&P Financial XFN-T
iUnits S&P/TSX 60 ETF XIU-T
iUnits S&P/TSX Capped Energy ETF XEG-T
iUnits S&P/TSX Materials ETF XMA-T
iUnits S&P/TSX Midcap E.T.F. XMD-T
Ivaco Inc (A) IVA.A-T
Ivanhoe Energy IE-T
Ivanhoe Mines IVN-T

 Formerly Ivanplats Ltd

Ivernia West Inc IVW-T
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