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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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TIR Systems Ltd TIR-T Solid state lighting for neon signs
Titan International TWI-N
Titan Logix TLA-X
Titan Medical Inc. TMD-T
Titanium Corp. TIC-X Canadian company developing a commercial process to maximize the inherent value in the waste material contained in oil sands tailings in the Fort McMurray.
Tiverton Petroleums TIV-T
Tivo Inc TIVO-Q
TJX Companies TJX-N off-price retailer - own Winners
TKE Energy Trust TKE.UN-T
TLC Laser Eye Centres TLC-T eye surgery
TM Bioscience TMC-T (Dead) genetic testing
Toll Brothers Inc. TOL-N
TomaGold Corporation LOT-X


Tonbridge Power TBZ-X (Dead) Acquired by Enbridge
Topre Corporation 5975 Tokyo

Tokyo Exchange so we don't track.

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