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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Strongco Corp SQP-T
Stronghold Metals Z-X (Dead)
Stryker Corp. SYK-N manufactures orthopedic equipment
Stuart Energy Systems HHO-T
Stuart Olson Inc SOX-T

Formerly Churchill Corporation (The)

Student LoanCorp STU-N (Dead) repackages student loan and sells them.
Student Transport of America Ltd. STB-T School buses in the US.
Stylus Energy Inc. STY-T
Suburban Propane Partners LP SPH-N
Suez SZE-N Water purification - French based
Sulliden Gold Corp SUE-T (Dead)

Acquired by Rio Alto (Aug 2014)

Sultan Minerals SUL-X
Sumitomo Trust and Banking 8403-JP Japanese exchange so not active here
Summit Real Estate Investment SMU.UN-T

Tier 3 style real estate

Sun Bancorp (NJ) SNBC-Q Bank holding company with two principal subsidiaries, Sun National Bank and Sun National Bank.
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