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Typhoon Exploration TYP-X
Tyson Foods Inc. TSN-N
U.S. Airways LCC-N (Dead)

parent company of AWA and TLC. AWA is a commercial airline carrier in the United States. TLC arranges and sells leisure travel products that may include airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and a variety of other travel options

U.S. Gasoline Fund ETF UGA-N
U.S. Natural Gas Fund E.T.F. UNG-N
U.S. Oil Fund E.T.F. USO-N Crude oil
U.S. Silver Corp. USA-T
U308 Corp. UWE-T


UAL Corp UAUA-Q (Dead) United Airlines holding company
UBS AG UBS-N Swiss bank
Ucore Rare Metals Inc. UCU-X Engaged in exploration for rare earth elements and uranium in the USA and Canada.
UE Waterheater Income Fund UWH.UN-T
UEX Corp. UEX-T Uranium
Ultra Petroleum Corp. UPL-N
Under Armour UA-N
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