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Telecom Corp of New Zealand NZT-N (Dead) Major supplier of telecommunications services in New Zealand.
Telecom Italia SPA TI-N
Teleflex Inc. TFX-N Engineering conglomerate in aerospace/marine/medical devices
Telefonica De Argentina S.A. TFOBF-Q2
Telefonica S.A. TEF-N Headquartered in Spain, but big in wireless in Latin America.
Telefonica S.A. TEF-SM
Telekomunik Indonesia P.T. TLK-N
Telenor TEL- OSLO Oslo Exchange
TelenorASA TELN-Q A Norwegian telephone company.
Telephone & Data Systems Inc. TDS-N
Telesta Therapeutics Inc TST-T

Formerly Bioniche Life Sciences (December 2014)

Telesystems Inter'l. Wireless TIW-X wireless technology
Teletech Holdings TTEC-Q
Tellabs TLAB-Q (Dead)

makes telecomm switches

Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners (Dec 2013)

Telson Resources Inc TSN-X

Formerly Soho Resouces Corp

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