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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Terra Nitrogen Co. LP TNH-N
Terra Nova Gold TGC-X
Terrane Metals TRX-X (Dead)
TerraVest Capital Inc TVK-T

TerraVest Income Fund converted to a corporate structure

Terreno Realty Corp TRNO-N
Tesco Corp TEO-T R & D at present

(London Stock Exchange)

Tesla Motors Inc TSLA-Q
Tesoro Petroleum Corp TSO-N
test test
Tetra Tech Inc. TTEK-Q Specialized management consulting/technical services primarily in resource management, infrastructure, and communications.
Teva Pharmaceutical TEVA-N Patented and lower price generic drugs
Texas Instruments TXN-Q Well positioned in converting analog to digital. (DSP)
Textron Inc TXT-N conglomerate
TGS North American Real Estate Inv NAR.UN-T
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