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Summit Real Estate Investment SMU.UN-T Tier 3 style real estate
Sun Bancorp (NJ) SNBC-Q Bank holding company with two principal subsidiaries, Sun National Bank and Sun National Bank.
Sun Gro Horticultural Inc GRO-T(dead) Taken over by IKO
Sun Life Financial Inc SLF-T
Sun Microsystems JAVA-Q (Dead) Acquired
Sun Mining Corp NSC-T (Dead)


Formerly Liberty Mines

Delisted (March 2014)

Sun-Rype Products Ltd. SRF-T (Dead)

Acquired by SRF Acquisitions (Oct 2013)

Suncor Energy SU-N SUNCOR ENERGY INC. is an integrated energy company. Suncor's oil sands business extracts and upgrades oil sands and markets refinery feedstock and diesel fuel, while operations throughout western Canada produce natural gas. Suncor operates a refining an
Suncor Energy Inc SU-T Oil Sands. Oil weighted
SunEdison Inc SUNE-N

Formerly MEMC Electronic Materials

Sunoco Inc. SUN-N (Dead)


Sunopta Inc. SOY-T
SunPower Corp. SPWRA-Q (Dead) Silicon solar cells and solar panels
Sunridge Gold SGC-X
Sunrise Assisted Living SRZ-N (Dead)

build retirement homes, lease them back and manage them

No longer showing on the TSX

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