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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Rock Energy Inc. RE-T (Dead)

Acquired by Raging River (July 2016)

Rock-Tenn Co. RKT-N (Dead)

Acquired (July 2015)

Rockgate Capital Corp. RGT-T (Dead)

Acquired By Denison (Jan 2013)

Rockwater Capital Bought by CI Finacial (CIX-UN-T) RCC-T
Rockwell Automation Inc. ROK-N
Rockwell Ventures Inc. RVI-X Diamonds
Rocky Mountain Dealerships RME-T One of Canada's largest agriculture and construction equipment dealership networks with branches located throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.
Rocky Mountain Liquor RUM-X
Rockyview Energy Inc. RVE-T
Rodinia Minerals Inc RM-X
Rodinia Oil Corp. ROZ.H-X (Unlist

engaged in the exploration, acquisition and development of onshore petroleum and natural gas assets in Australia's Officer Basin.

Oct 2015

Rogers Communcations (B) RCI.B-T
Rogers Sugar Inc RSI-T sugar products
Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC RYCEY - OTC

Aeroplane Engines

Romarco Minerals R-T (Dead)

Being acquired by Oceana Gold (Oct 2015)

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