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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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State Street Corp STT-N global custodian of mutual funds
Statoil ASA STO-N
Stealth Ventures Ltd SLV.H-X
STEC Inc. STEC-Q (Dead)

Acquired by Western Digital (Sept 2013)

Stelco Inc STE-T (Dead)

Acquired by U. S. Steel

Stella-Jones Inc. SJ-T
Stephensons Rental Services RNT.UN-T
Stericycle Inc. SRCL-Q Health care waste management.
Steris Corp STE-N Medical Devices
Sterling Resources SLG-X
Sterling Shoes Inc SSI-T (Dead?) Under Credit Protection
Stewart Enterprises Inc STEI-Q (Dead)

Acquired by Stewart Enterprise (Jan 2014)

Stikine Gold Corp. SKY-X
Stillwater Mining Co. SWC-N Platinum/palladium.
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