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Compiling comments that experts make about stocks while on public TV.

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Royal Bank RY-T
Royal Bank of Canada RY.PR.A-T
Royal Bank of Canada (Pref -Y) RY.PR.Y-T (Dead

Not Listed (November 2014)

Royal Bank of Scotland PLC RBS-N
Royal Bank Scotland Group PLC (Pref.) RBS.PR.F-N
Royal Boskalis Westminster BOKA-EUR Euronext exchange
Royal Canadian Mint MNT-T
Royal Caribbean Cruises RCL-N
Royal Coal RDA-X (Dead)
Royal Dutch Petroleum RD-N
Royal Dutch Shell PLC (A) RDS.A-N
Royal Dutch Shell PLC (B) RDS.B-N
Royal Gold RGL-T (deListed

July 2016

Royal Gold Inc. RGLD-Q
Royal Group Tech. RYG-T (Dead) Innovative blding materials (plastics) & houses
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